Our Customers

Our focus is on Insurers and Reinsurers in Switzerland where we also bring experience from Asia.

Following excerpt of reference projects gives you an overview of services we have offered.

Swiss Health Insurance Core Transformation

  • Top 4 Swiss Health Insurance Company

  • The customer had an old legacy core healthinsurance system (AS400), which had to be replaced with a state of the art system (Syrius, Adcubum)

  • Test Manager role over 19 direct employees (Leading Testing Teams: Post processing, Documents, Reconciliation, Test Automation, Security/Pen Testing) and 102 Key Users with a Project size of around USD100M

  • Goal was to setup the structure and processes for testing (Tool: MS DevOps), plan the test cycles (System Testing and UAT), leading and guiding the team, as well as defining / reaching the targets for the test executions

  • Deliver reporting for the testing teams and C-Level management (Dashboards / Reports)

  • Ensure KPI oriented test execution and target definition and tracking

  • Weekly status update for the program management, and reporting for the Stearing Commitee

Global Finance Transformation for Top Global Reinsurer

  • Top 3 Global Swiss Reinsurance Company

  • Project Management Lead for APAC (Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia) with a Project size of > USD100M

  • The customer had an old legacy finance landscape which took a lot of manual work to prepare the quarterly and year-end financial statements

  • The goal was to improve financial statement preparation time by 50%. Manual reports should be automated and the finance headcount reduced by >20%

  • Simplify financial ledger configuration (USGAAP, Stat, Local, Tax, IFRS17)

  • New Ad-hoc reports enable executive management to do faster decisions and react quicker on market movements

  • New dashboards and global reporting standards improved decision making for management

  • We were responsible as the APAC PM, doing the Rollout Management / Business Coordination in close collaboration with EMEA and USA project members

  • With local process / requirement analysis (Visio) we were able to show inefficiencies and initiate improvements. Through transparency created in APAC, we could align processes in the Asia region for better control and audit

  • We improved reporting granularity by leading data cleanup and migration preparations

  • For the CFO we provided weekly a detailed project timeline, resource planning, and current challenges and solutions

  • For the change management we initiated/executed the right trainings for the 30 impacted employees (in all entities: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia)

Prepare Core Transformation for Top Malaysian (Asia) Insurer

  • Top 3 Malaysia Non-Life Insurance Company

  • Project Manager for Inception Phase (Project size USD300k)

  • The customer had an in-house insurance core system which was outdated and identified as high enterprise wide risk. It was inflexible preventing speed to market and access to immerging opportunities. Operating cost and vendor dependency for the legacy was high. Frequent outages and unstable systems made distribution partners unhappy and caused loss of business. Creating a new product took 10 months and competitors were taking market share

  • We created a business case for a modern system showing the benefits (reduce headcount on average 20% over all departments, faster goto market with innovative products (1-3 months), breakeven after 4.7 years, with a project one time investment of USD50M and a benefit profile (total savings) of USD70M over 7 years

  • We run the RFP for the core system selection and System Implementor best suited for the customer

  • We brought the project through several governance forums and approvals up to the board decision

  • Additionally we supported the evaluation of other third party vendors needed to fulfill business requirements

  • Quantitative benefits: New system reduced claims leakage 1% on total motor-claims costs, enhanced fraud detection (-20% FTE investigation team) and reduced overhead costs (-35% FTE)

  • Qualitative benefits were increased GWP growth (improved distribution), better quality of service (QoS), improved customer service, data analytics, single source of truth and manage single vendor instead of multiple

Strategy Projects (focused on Non-Life Insurers in Asia / Switzerland)

  • Market analysis of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) and buy vs. build business case for a Singapore insurer. Insurer decided based on our analysis to buy 2 IFA companies to enter the Financial Advisory market

  • Reorganisation of Travel Insurance distribution department (process optimisation / incentive model adjustment) to enable increased sales and retention. Segmentation of clients and improved customer visits lead to increased sales of travel insurance products

  • New products analysis (especially on parametric insurance, Micro insurance and On-demand insurance) and distribution partner assessment

Transformation Projects (focused on Adcubum Syrius, Switzerland)

  • Business analysis for the distribution stream (focus on collective contracts KVN)

  • Full scope of project lifecycle for Syrius implementation (requirements analysis, testing with all Swiss branches, onsite workshops and trainings, migration mapping and testing, data cleanup and quality assurance). Leading the business into new work processes

  • Reorganisation and improvement of a development team by introducing agile methodology (and running the team in a scrum setup)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Global Use

  • Project Manager (of a global 10 FTE team with members in USA, Germany, Italy and Switzerland) for a top 20 Reinsurer on CRM redesign and Squirro integration (include Augmented Intelligence and insights from external/internal sources into their CRM system). Lead to +20% improved meeting frequency for agents

  • Project Manager for a MS Dyanmics CRM system with a global rollout

  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics and SalesForce know-how (including parametrization/configuration)

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